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The Divorce Survival Guide Podcast

Sep 1, 2022

When women join book clubs, often, it’s not about books. It’s about being with one another, building each other up, and gaining a sense of comfort with each other. Women need community, it’s part of who we are. That’s why, this week, I continue the conversation about community and Grit & Grace, a coaching experience for women contemplating, going through, or recovering from divorce. 

In this episode, I share openly and passionately why I created the Grit & Grace program, talk about some of the work we’ll do together including techniques for healing and grief recovery, the nuts and bolts of divorce, and share how you can join us! 

Yes, you can do this work individually and make big changes. Or we can come together to make a seismic shift in our own lives and change the world while we're doing it.  Plus, we heal exponentially when we do it together.

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