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The Divorce Survival Guide Podcast

Nov 24, 2020

Doing the holidays and divorce — at the best of times — can be super complicated. Co-parenting during the holidays during a pandemic? What a shitshow, amiright? Well, it doesn’t have to be. This week, Michelle Dempsey-Multack joins me to offer tips and advice on how to handle the holidays during this crazy time. Michelle is a writer, coach, Certified Divorce Specialist (CDS®), and host of the Moms Moving On Podcast. 

There is no guidebook for parenting during a pandemic. But through our conversation, we hope you find some insight, inspiration, and tips to help you move through the upcoming season with confidence and grace. 

Show Highlights

  • The shift in the divorce and co-parenting space and the role COVID-19 plays. (3:35)
  • How to have an uncomfortable conversation that is non-threatening about making the holidays safe for your children. (8:49)
  • Distinguish between the ex-partner who will balk about everything vs the ex-partner who is truthly concerned because they deem your actions as reckless. (12:06)
  • Uncomfortable conversations lead to comfortable situations. (14:16)
  • You can’t tell COVID to go away because it would make divorce easier. But COVID is forcing new divorcees to slow down post-divorce. (15:33)
  • Some tips on how to handle the holidays as co-parents, including how to share or split holidays. (24:48)
  • Make your goal about you, moving on in a healthy way and doing what is best for your children. (34:57)
  • Creating new holidays and traditions for yourself, post-divorce. (35:10)

Learn More About Michelle Dempsey:

Michelle Dempsey-Multack is a writer, coach, Certified Divorce Specialist (CDS®) and host of the Moms Moving On Podcast. As a divorced, co-parenting, and remarried mother, nothing makes Michelle happier than being able to guide other women as they move on through the divorce process, and helping them turn their divorce lemons into lemonade - just like she did. A native New Yorker, Michelle now resides in Miami with her husband, Spencer, and each of their daughters, Bella and Jolie. 

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