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The Divorce Survival Guide Podcast

Jun 9, 2020

This week I am sharing the story of Miry Whitehill, a divorcee who founded the non-profit organization Miry’s List. During a painful time in her marriage, Miry found herself in a spot where she could help a refugee family who just arrived in the United States. Today, she shares how volunteering and starting Miry’s List filled her life with gratitude and love, which she had lost so long ago. 

MIry’s story is one of self-reflection, growth, and compassion - for herself, for her sons, and the community. At a pivotal moment in her life, she asked herself, “What if today I am going to see myself the way the world sees me and not the way one person sees me?” And that was the day Miry decided she was going to live life on her terms. 

Show Highlights

  • Why the refugee experience is not one built on informed consent. (12:18)
  • The survive, hive, and thrive phases of Miry’s List. (16:10)
  • The story of how Miry’s List began, her battle with Postpartum Depression, and her deteriorating marriage. (18:27)
  • Turning the idea of seeing divorce as a failure into realizing life in a bad marriage would be the failure. (38:51)
  • How Miry began to support herself - a former stay-at-home mom - after her divorce. (53:58)

Learn More About Miry:
In July 2016, Miry Whitehill founded Miry’s List, a nonprofit helping families resettling in America as refugees get the support they need to start over by connecting them with their new American neighbors. As Executive Director, she’s had the opportunity to learn about refugee resettlement through the eyes of the families we work with. She has spoken at universities, companies of all sizes, schools, and nonprofit organizations helping people learn about how the refugee resettlement system in America works, how it feels for families, and how they can help. 

She is the mother of two boys and is passionate about helping people of all ages and abilities become better neighbors.  With a background in digital marketing and video advertising, Miry has a thorough understanding of digital and social media, how to create impact using crowdsourcing,  and how to turn your life’s passion into a movement.

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