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The Divorce Survival Guide Podcast

Nov 30, 2023

Nicole Sodoma joins me on the podcast this week! Nicole is a marriage-loving divorce attorney, founder of Sodoma Law, and author of "Please Don't Say You're Sorry." In this episode, Nicole shares empowering advice from her book, offering a unique perspective on gracefully navigating the challenges of divorce. 


Nov 23, 2023

I have another solo episode for you this week and maybe a new series. Who knows. As we head into the holiday season, I’m diving into three essential topics—not putting your kids in the middle, creating new holiday traditions, and the concept of “the shifting of primary.” 

Tune in to hear me explore the...

Nov 9, 2023

November is Family Court Awareness Month. My friend and colleague, Tina Swithin, has dedicated the month of November to educating people about the family court system: how corrupt it can be, how unfair it is, and how uneducated most people in the family law system are about domestic violence.

Tina was a guest on my...

Nov 2, 2023

Solo episode alert!  This is more than any regular solo episode, though, because today I’m super excited to share a chapter from my upcoming book, The D Word: Making the Ultimate Decision About Your Marriage.

The book comes out on December 26th, but in this episode, you’re getting a sneak peek as I read Chapter 3,...