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The Divorce Survival Guide Podcast

Sep 15, 2022

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Certified Family Law Specialist Monica Mazzei joins me to talk about why everyone should have a pre-marital agreement -  yes, a prenup!  Monica is passionate about what she does and has made it her mission to educate others about everything family law—including this topic. 

During our conversation, we discuss the benefits of having a pre-marital agreement, why prenups are not just for high-net-worth individuals, and what happens if a spouse tries to fight the prenup during a divorce. If you don’t have assets or think you don’t need a prenup, but think you might get married again in the future, this episode is a must-listen.

Show Highlights

  • The family law system is outdated especially in the area of pre-marital agreements (6:53)
  • Conversations about pre-marital agreements offer transparency and may lead to greater intimacy (10:00)
  • Monica explains what information and details go into a prenup - it should be a clear roadmap of what is going to happen if you get divorced (11:51)
  • How to start the conversation with a partner about creating a pre-marital agreement (22:08)
  • Co-habitation and Nesting agreements: what are they and what should go into them (26:04)
  • Why a pre-martial agreement is the most impactful one you can have, where you choose your own rules and destiny as a couple if things don’t work out (34:35)

Learn more about Monica:

Monica Mazzei is a Certified Family Law Specialist representing clients in the Bay Area, with a concentration in San Francisco and Silicon Valley, as well as Los Angeles. She represents high-net-worth clients throughout the divorce process and in mediation. Monica has been named a California Super Lawyer from 2015-2019 and has been recognized in the international Chambers High Net Worth 2017-2019 guide for Family/Matrimonial Law.

Monica specializes in dissolution actions involving complicated valuation and financial matters, and complex community property and support issues, including international issues, and dissolutions involving hedge funds, private equity, venture capital, and privately held businesses.

Monica takes a modern approach to the practice of family law – addressing various needs of her clients related and unrelated to their family law case. Monica has relationships with top professionals in the Bay Area such as forensic accountants, mental health professionals, real estate agents, financial advisors, and business valuation experts.  She also works closely with estate planning attorneys to come up with creative solutions for her clients and ensure their agreements reflect their current objectives.

Monica is a frequent lecturer and speaker on family law matters and has been interviewed by Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, and Bloomberg. 

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Grit and Grace Group Coaching is Open - Join us!
Monica’s website
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