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The Divorce Survival Guide Podcast

Jun 10, 2021

I am joined this week by Dr. Shyamala, Podcast Host, Media Expert for National T.V., and founder of The EQ Code, a coaching program for high-performing women who are ready to transform their relationships, so they can execute on their mission at a whole new level.

Dr. Shyamala and I geeked out on emotional intelligence, communication styles, and the importance of focusing on the deep work needed in order to get the relationship transformation you desire.  We also talk about how to show up with courage and integrity in your life.

Show Highlights

  • Dr. Shyamala helps high-performing women with relationship transformation - she describes her work and what attributes a high-performing woman has. (3:02)
  • Reprogramming your brain and why it is important as a framework for change. (7:56)
  • We know that children are incredibly resilient when it comes to separation and divorce - but what we need to really be aware of is when children are raised inside a home where there are toxic relationship templates being played out. (11:56)
  • Most methods of change fail because most of them are behaviorally centered. (15:22)
  • How to embody a level of transformation in order to live life fully and unapologetically. (21:47)
  • Why toxic positivity is damaging, feeds on our insecurities, and also creates more of them. (26:13)
  • How to Identify beliefs that have been plaguing you for a lifetime. (28:47)
  • Most of us struggle in our relationships because we were never taught to be in one. (32:46)
  • Communication skills become the bridge to relationship management. (36:48)
  • You cannot have a boundary without assertive communication. (37:12)
  • Showing up with courage and integrity in your relationships has nothing to do with the outcome. (45:07)
  • When we are acting out of alignment with our values, integrity, and courage - we become resentment machines. (45:50)

Learn More About Dr. Shyamala:

Dr. Shyamala is a Clinically-trained Relationship Strategist and has spent the last two decades helping women improve the quality of their lives by transforming their relationships. Her mission is to help women show up as their best self, in every arena of their life. She is the founder of The EQ Code, a high-touch coaching program designed to help high-performing women transform their relationships, so they can execute on their mission at a whole new level. 

Shyamala is also the founder of the Kiru Psychotherapy Clinic, a mental health practice dedicated to the entire family system. She spent several years on the Board of Directors for the Ontario Association for Marriage & Family Therapy.  

As a speaker, Shyamala provides frequent talks and workshops on a local, national and international scale. Shyamala is a media expert, having appeared on a national television show for nearly a decade and makes guest appearances on CTV, CP24 as well as frequent pieces of print media. 

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The Center for Divorce Education is an organization that provides separated parents with the tools and techniques necessary to navigate the difficult task of being a co-parent.

They currently offer an online parenting class called Children in Between. Anyone who is co-parenting can benefit from the class. Visit the link above to learn more.