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The Divorce Survival Guide Podcast

Aug 25, 2018

This week I bring on a Divorce Coach who specializes in the legal aspects of divorce.

Jason Levoy is a former divorce attorney turned divorce coach who helps people navigate the divorce process from an attorney's point of view. He works with both people who have attorneys and those who don't. He is the creator of the most comprehensive online divorce coaching resource on the internet, DivorceU. You can learn more about Jason at

We talk about: 

  • The pitfalls of the legal system
  • How to choose the right attorney
  • Whether or not you actually need an attorney for your divorce
  • Divorce as a business transaction and how it doesn't mix with emotions
  • The movie Divorce Corp

...and more!!

Jason's special gift to you: How to Co-Parent with an A-Hole!


Where to find Jason: