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The Divorce Survival Guide Podcast

Oct 27, 2022

Liz Bailey joins me this week to share her experience leaving an abusive marriage and how that drives her passion for helping women rise up, thrive, and take action steps to move forward before, during, or after divorce.

For listeners who feel they are never going to be on the other side of their divorce, Liz’s story is a testament that there is “the other side,” and that you can get there too—with planned action. Listen in to hear my candid conversation with Liz about her journey thus far, and what she’s learned along the way. 

Show Highlights

  • There are milestones in the divorce process that help you feel closer and closer to getting out (7:25)
  • Abusive behaviors in people do not often change - fundamental values must shift which takes a lot of time and work (years worth). Short-term therapy is not the answer. (15:46)
  • How Liz decided she was ready to leave her abusive relationship and the steps she took to plan her exit, safely (19:38)
  • Your risk of domestic homicide greatly increases when you say you are going to leave. This is why it is imperative to plan and seek resources from domestic violence advocates (19:54)
  • Why hiring a trauma-informed family lawyer is so important for abuse victims (28:00)
  • Domestic Violence Shelters offer a wide variety of resources for you, including advocacy, legal aid, and more  (36:08)
  • Surround yourself with people who understand what is happening and can support you (36:53)
  • Liz talks about co-parenting with her ex-spouse: “I believe the history of his behavior and therefore, practice BIFF.” (42:25)

Learn more about Liz:

Liz G. Bailey is a mother, published author, speech-language pathologist, and podcast host who thrives at the intersection of compassion and humor — known for saying some off-the-wall stuff without a filter, all to create a transformative experience for her audiences. With a master’s degree in communication sciences and a survivor of Domestic Violence, she knows what it means to use your voice to protect yourself and those you love.

After bravely leaving an abusive marriage, she has triumphed over her life’s challenges by seeing the bigger picture and raising herself through spiritual growth. Now, as a champion for women and an advocate for prevention and survivors of Domestic Violence, Liz shares her life’s experiences on stage, at events, and on podcasts, inspiring her audiences to rise up and thrive, see their inherent value, and take action steps no matter the situation.

When she is not writing inspiring articles or teaching others how to use their voices, she is speaking and editing her podcast, The Pretty Truth. She and her best friend connect with thought leaders from around the world on topics ranging from personal and spiritual growth to the power of communication in relationships to living up to your highest self after trauma. We created this podcast to remember and emphasize that we are not alone on our paths and that slowing down to be OK with our perfectly imperfect selves is powerful. Liz’s purpose is to empower others and inspire the courage to walk away from victimhood and find wholeness and happiness after trauma. She communicates the truth and leaves people feeling joy, hope, and a desire to take action.

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