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The Divorce Survival Guide Podcast

Apr 10, 2018

In this episode I look at dating after divorce, and how hard it can sometimes be to be the new person coming in when the exes are "besties." 

I look at this from three angles, and give a prescriptive for how best to make this often difficult shift work.

After our divorce, while we each dated other people, my ex and I still did holidays together, went to the theatre together, and had family dinners together. After all we’d been through we were now close, and as he began to date I took on the awkward yet esteemed role of First Wife.

I’d befriend his girlfriends. Partly because it seemed easier; we could all just be a family, and it would be less complicated for our son. Or at least that's what I told myself. But the truth was that I couldn’t let go. I didn’t want to lose my spot as the primary woman in my ex’s life. We’d spent 10 years together, and I barely had an identity outside of him.


But when my ex started dating the woman he’s now married to, that all changed. We'd all been friends for a while, so knew what I was up to. She immediately set very clear boundaries and firmly (and rightly) pushed me off my perch. Ultimately I knew that this rearrangement of status was perfectly appropriate, but I also had a LOT of feelings about it.

Being moved out of my position as First Wife gave rise to new layers of grief I’d never anticipated...


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