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The Divorce Survival Guide Podcast

Jan 21, 2021

The topic of trauma bonds is one of the biggest conversations that circulate within my Facebook group and also with clients. In fact, it is one of the biggest obstacles women tackle as they extricate themselves from a toxic relationship. So this week, I am bringing back my friend Gwynn Raimondi to talk all about trauma bonds. Gwynn is a writer, Trauma Support Practitioner, Relational Systems Explorer, and the creator of the Trauma-Informed Embodiment™ modality.

The typical advice given to those breaking free from toxic relationships is to go no contact. Unfortunately, if you are a parent, going no contact isn’t an option. You don’t have the luxury of doing that when you share children with the person you have a trauma bond with. In this episode, Gwynn helps us understand what a trauma bond is and how you can set healthy boundaries in order to break free.

Show Highlights

  • What are trauma bonds and how do we recognize them? Plus, the two definitions of trauma bonds. (8:12)

  • How trauma bonds are formed within long-term abusive partnerships. (9:07)

  • The reason you can’t heal from trauma bonds on your own and why you don’t go to therapy with an abuser. (13:52)

  • How to break free from a trauma bond. (21:40)

  • The basics of what a healthy relationship should look like. (31:24)

Learn More About Gwynn:

Gwynn is a writer, Trauma Support Practitioner, Relational Systems Explorer and the creator of the Trauma Informed Embodiment™ modality. She specializes in complex (childhood, relational, & attachment based) traumas, grief, embodiment, and their intersections. She has written extensively over the last several years about many different types of trauma and the ways they impact our relationships. She offers online groups and programs periodically throughout the year, as well as works with individual clients via Zoom.

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